Data Blending and Reporting using Veera

If you’re working with data, it’s likely you’re wading through multiple data sets, unruly data, and ornery transformations, while stakeholders want the results yesterday and in three different flavors. We all know that’s 80% of the work to creating beautiful visualizations and incisive reporting. This is where Veera will empower you with superhuman data blending powers! In this webinar, we went over the fastest and easiest way to:

• Merge disparate data sets
• Transform and cleanse data
• Maximize efficiency through an intuitive interface and drag and drop design
• Enable high powered analytics with the integration of predictive models, SQL or R.
• Automated data output virtually anywhere you need in one single job including database tables, Excel, Tableau, emailed reports, etc.

The world needs more data superheroes… Watch this video and learn how you can join the cause!