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Data Driven Decisions at Community Colleges

Rapid Insight has been doing a lot of work recently with community colleges, including the release of our new QuickStart Dashboards for Community Colleges as well as attending the AACC Conference that recently took place in Washington, DC. As part of our research we...

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Evidence Based Decision Making for Community Colleges

A Conversation with Community College Leaders on the use of Dashboards and KPIs As part of our preparations to attend the American Association of Community Colleges conference on April 5th-8th, we have been focusing on some of the success stories of our Community...

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10 Tips for Tackling Predictive Modeling in Fundraising

Over the years, we've helped many organizations bring predictive modeling in-house and have learned a lot along the way. Below is a "best of" list of ten tips that our fundraising customers helped us put together to make the modeling process - from idea through to...

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Data on the Edge: Handling Outliers

Before we tackle how to handle them, let’s quickly define what an outlier is.  An outlier is any data point that is distinctly different from the rest of your data points. When you’re looking at a variable that is relatively normally distributed, you can think of...

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Facebook, Data Science and Valentine’s Day

Today is February 14th, also known as Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, depending on where you are in the world.  In some places it's a holiday.  The day was first associated with romantic connotations thanks to Chaucer's poetry in the 14th century....

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