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Predictive Modeling for Strategic Enrollment Management

One of the many uses for predictive analytics in higher education is to predict what will happen during various stages of the “enrollment funnel” (search names - inquiries - applied - accepted - enrolled). For those of you who might be considering how to incorporate...

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Obamacare: Predicting Outcomes

With the October 1 opening of the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges swiftly approaching, we’re about to experience a major shift in the way our country’s healthcare system works. For better or worse, there are definite changes that are already starting to take...

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The Data-Driven Difference

I’d like to share one of the best explanations of data-driven decision making that I’ve ever encountered; it comes from a Forbes article published back in March. I’ll paraphrase here, but I also encourage you to read the full article. Most people have had the...

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Crossing Party Lines with Predictive Modeling

With the rise of Nate Silver and the emergence of mainstream data science, we've seen many uses for predictive analytics, including the entrance of predictive modeling into the political arena. Actually, although predicting election results is a booming business now,...

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Big Data and New Methods

Guest post by Chuck McClenon, Fundraising Scientist from University of Texas at Austin  When I went to my first APRA Data Veera Predict Symposium in 2010, the use of analytics in support of philanthropic fundraising was a novelty.   “Analysis”, for most organizations,...

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Why Nonprofits Should Be Building Predictive Models

Last fall, the Whitney Museum of American Art decided to take a different approach when deciding which of their prospective donors to mail. They built their first in-house predictive model from the ground up, and felt ready to use it. They shifted their focus away...

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Predicting Retention for Online Students: Where to Start

With the rise of enrollment in online programs and MOOCs, we’re seeing more and more students forego traditional classroom experiences in favor of more flexible online programs. With this shift comes a whole new set of guidelines for enrollment management, financial...

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Playlists for Analysis

At our recent User Conference, I had a really interesting conversation with some of our customers about listening to music at work which got me thinking about the types of music that people listen to in the office.  I know that different music works for different...

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For those of you who weren’t able to attend the 2013 Rapid Insight User Conference, we set a new record for most attendees and largest number of customer presentations. With two full days of dual track programming, the presenters covered a lot of ground. While we wait...

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Data Scientists: The Next Generation

As I’m sure you all have noticed, the data business is booming right now. (Are you tired of the term “big data” yet?) The fact that 90% of the data in world today has been created in the last two years is a great example of the growth trajectory of data. All of this...

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