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Thoughts from a Registrar

Dan Wilson, Registrar at Muskingum University, recently talked with us  about some of the reports he's been working on, how he's using Veera Construct, and his upcoming webinar. CG - What types of reports are usually on your plate? DW - Some of the reports I'll be...

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Customer Tips: Roundup Edition

Here are a few extra tips for a roundup edition of our Customer Tips series to get your new year off to a good start! Sometimes it's helpful in an analysis to recode variables, like recoding a binary variable for retention to a binary variable for attrition. - Jean...

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Rapid Insight’s Holiday Wishlist

   As the holiday season is in full swing, we at Rapid Insight have taken the opportunity to put together a wishlist of things we’d like to see more of in the future. We’re envisioning a world where… …there are no hidden network firewalls – and no need for them.  –...

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Thoughts from a Reporting Wiz

Scott Alessandro of the MIT Sloan School of Management is a lover of ad-hoc reporting and coffee ice cream.  In anticipation of his webinar on Friday, we asked him a few quick questions about his day-to-day analytic life. CG - What types of analytic requests do you...

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Five Data Preparation Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them!)

After building many predictive models in the Rapid Insight office and helping our customer build many more models outside of the office, we have a list of data preparation mistakes that could fill a room. Here are some of the most common ones we've seen: 1. Including...

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Guide to Rapid Insight Resources

  Networking: We have created several opportunities for networking with other Rapid Insight users, including a Rapid Insight LinkedIn customers-only group, and several more subject-specific subgroups. Rapid Insight LinkedIn Page   Strategic Enrollment Management...

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On Automated Mining

  One of the things I love the most about using statistical modeling software (especially Veera Predict) is that so much of the process is automated. Although automation has made the lives of statisticians much easier (calculating individual standard errors by hand...

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Customer Tips From… Jeff Fleischer (Rapid Insight Inc.)

Okay, okay... Those of you who have worked with Jeff know that he isn't really a customer. But, as the Director of Client Operations here at Rapid Insight and an analyst at heart, he is a wealth of information, so I've decided to share some of his tips. They are: 1....

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How to Score a Dataset Using Analytics Only

Since we’ve already covered how to score a dataset using Veera Construct, it’s only fair that we show you how to score using the Veera Predict Scoring program. We’ll start at the point where you save your scoring model within Veera Predict. After memorizing your model...

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Predictive Modeling Mantras

Whether you're new to predictive modeling, or you dream in decile analyses, here are some things to keep in mind as you're embarking on your next modeling project: Data preparation makes ALL the difference. Simply put, if you use junk data to create a model, chances...

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Subroutines (Customer Post by Tony Parandi)

  Today's blog entry comes from Tony Parandi, Assistant Director of Institutional Research at Indiana Wesleyan University: One feature of Veera Construct that I’ve found very helpful is the Subroutine node. This node allows you to feed the output of another job...

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