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7 Data Cleanup Terms Explained Visually

During a recent data conference, a coworker and I started to realize that there was a bit of a language barrier between "data people" and "non-data people". For us, this was most apparent when we tried to describe data cleanup operations -- while there are technical...

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Ultraviolet Data

Ultraviolet light, when dispersed through a black light, allows us to see beyond the spectrum of the light we’re used to seeing. Ultraviolet data* works the same way – it is the data that your company is probably capturing but might not be apparent at first glance....

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Rapid Insight Conference Recap

For Throwback Thursday we wanted to share a recap of our Rapid Insight Conference from Senior Statistical Analyst, Jon MacMillan. The Conference was back in June but the insights still are worth sharing for today's #TBT... In my role as an analyst, I work with our...

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7 Data Cleanup Terms Explained in Plain English

I spent a couple of days at the TDWI Conference in Boston last week and had a lot of great conversations with data analysts from all over the world. I realized while talking with many of them that, for those of us working with data all day long, there is a lot of...

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Applications and Yield; More is (often) Less

In the changing of the guard for Admissions and Enrollment offices, increasing application numbers is a very common first step. Is it really the solution that it gets billed as though? In a recent article on The Chronicle of Higher Education, there was a write up on...

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3 Challenges for Reporting with Data

Bringing data to the conversation in a relatable, digestible fashion has always seemed like a challenge to me. Off the top of my head, there are 3 main data challenges I personally face each day, and some quick suggestions of how to deal with them. 1. Information...

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