Welcome to Rapid Insight!

Rapid Insight was founded with a mission of empowering people of all skill levels with the ability to build predictive models and perform advanced data analyses. Our groundbreaking technologies are simplifying everything that used to be complex in the world of business intelligence and predictive analytics. We love our customers and we love enabling them to turn their data into actionable information as quickly and easily as possible.

The heart of Rapid Insight resides in New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington Valley, one of the first mountain recreation towns in the US. The staff feels very fortunate to be in one of the most beautiful and active areas of the country. We are data geeks and we love the outdoors.


Michael Laracy, CEO
connect-linkedinMike received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance from Catholic University and his Master’s in Economics from Rutgers University. He started his career as an econometric analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia where he worked directly under the Director of Economic Research providing statistical research and preparing economic forecasts. After leaving the Bank, Mike worked for MCI, in their database intelligence group. There he began to use the experience that he gained at the Federal Reserve to apply statistical techniques to predict customer and prospect behavior. Next Mike was hired as a Senior Consultant at NCR/Teradata. Working in their data warehousing group, he headed analytic projects for customers in multiple countries. Mike then went on to become an independent consultant, working with clients across United States, South America and Europe to make full use of their data for analytic decision making. In April of 2002, Mike founded Rapid Insight Inc.

Scott Steesy
connect-linkedinChief Software Architect

Scott began writing computer programs in ’79 just before the birth of personal computing. Over a number of years the challenges of programming grew into a passion. He began his career as a systems analyst and programmer with Xerox in ’87. Scott received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in ’90 and worked at Software Sense Systems, Inc. developing new software systems for the utilities and chemical industries. Over the next eight years he continued training and became SSSI’s chief software architect. In ’98 he moved to Massachusetts to begin his MS and took a job at Electronic Retailing Systems, Inc. as a project architect. He completed his Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree at University of Massachusetts at Amherst in ’01. Scott began working for Rapid Insight; in ’03 to use his in depth knowledge of computer systems and software design to evaluate new technologies, design the software architectures, and guide the development of RI’s software applications.

Jeff Fleischer
connect-linkedinDirector of Client Operations
Jeff graduated with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida long before the halcyon days of Tim Tebow. He worked for ten years at Cape Canaveral as a civilian contractor for Computer Science Corp. & Raytheon, designing and installing electronic equipment in support of a wide range of rocket and missile programs, including the Space Shuttle. In 1995 he, his wife and two sons moved to New Hampshire to be closer to family and to start a Montessori pre-school. While his wife continues to manage the school, Jeff”s been employed in a variety of capacities: as the Customer Service Manager of a local ISP, as Senior Programmer for a business consulting firm and as Project Manager for The Echo Group, a behavioral healthcare software company.

Paul Kirsch
connect-linkedinMarketing Manager
Paul has worked in a variety of roles at software companies his entire career.  First starting at a financial software company in Philadelphia as a business analyst he then moved on to technical support at Primavera Systems, a project management and construction management software company. From there he headed up a support team at Primavera and relocated to New Hampshire in the early 90s.  Paul eventually moved over to software development and quality assurance management at a behavioral health software company in the Mount Washington Valley before he started up their marketing department over a decade ago.  He has been with Rapid Insight since 2013 heading up their marketing efforts and strategies. When he isn’t working, Paul is trail running in the White Mountains with his two dogs, directing mountain races or doing volunteer work as a member of the US Mountain Running Team staff.