Rapid Insight® Analytics 3.0

Introducing Analytics 3.0: Predictive analytics software that’s more powerful, flexible and faster than ever before.

Predictive Analytics Software Sample

With our Predictive Analytics Software you can:
- Predict Outcomes
- Drive Decisions

The Problem: In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your organization needs to be making data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the curve. And yet, data analysis is a complicated and time-consuming process, preventing you from getting the most out of your information and often limiting your data’s usefulness.

The Analytics Answer: Rapid Insight® Analytics allows you to quickly find relationships in your data and build predictive models. This powerful analytics technology automates the model building process, empowering decision makers of all types without the need for teams of programmers and statisticians.

Rapid Insight Analytics enables you to…

Analyze the Past
Examine the data you’ve been collecting and put it to work for you. Whether your dataset contains ten variables or hundreds, Rapid insight Analytics will quickly mine through all of the data to determine which variables are statistically related to each other. Once narrowed down, you can view all of these relationships graphically

Understand the Present
Use your data to perform a visual status check of your current situation, explore relationships in your data, and export interesting findings into a report or a PowerPoint® Presentation with a few easy clicks.

Predict the Future
Construct reliable statistical models at lightning speeds that will help you predict important information. Whether you want to determine which prospects you should target or predict other key outcomes, Analytics is designed to help you make sense of your data and make critical decisions extremely quickly.

By focusing on ease of use, speed of analysis, and automation of predictive modeling software, Rapid Insight® Analytics has enabled hundreds of organizations to build predictive models at the speed of light.

 Get the answers to the questions that matter the most

Higher Ed: Predict student enrollment and attrition probabilities and forecast financial aid outlay.
Healthcare: Predict things like Patient Readmission Probability and Future Utilization.
Human Resources: Help support and develop incentives to retain key employees.
Fundraising: Identify donors for major giving, annual fund giving and more.

roc-curve from predictive analytics software kmeans-clustering from predictive analytics software