Rapid Insight Veera™

Data Blending Software

veera-logoIf your organization is like most, struggling with data is a daily battle. You have lots of data in disparate formats in different locations. Working with all of this data to produce meaningful information is not always easy.


Veera is a brand new class of technology that we have developed called ETA (Extract, Transform, Analyze). This software technology makes it very easy to work with, organize, clean, analyze, and report on your data. Best yet, it enables you to create repeatable processes so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to create a report or run an analysis.

Data Agnostic Software
With Veera, you can work with all of your data regardless of the source and format: databases, text files, spreadsheets, Hadoop and any other source. Utilizing visual workflows, integrate, aggregate, cleanse, and transform your data for predictive models, ad-hoc analyses and reports.

Export to Multiple Formats
Veera can send output to any format required.  Output results to reports (pdf, html, Excel, Word), files, or write directly back to a database. Create your own dashboards or integrate directly with third party tools like Tableau.