Data Driven Community Colleges

Community Colleges need to remain competitive and properly react to the needs of their students. The efforts to compile and report on the necessary metrics can often be time consuming and involve a lot of manual effort.  The Rapid Insight product suite provides community colleges with the tools to address their specific needs.

  • Analyze student persistence and attainment.
  • Analyze completion and 30 unit achievement rates.
  • Measure year to date performance on things like enrollment headcount and credits sold.
  • Compare year to date metrics vs. how you were doing on the same date last year.
  • Incorporate external data sources like the National Student Clearinghouse.

“The Rapid Insight Dashboards are an invaluable, real time, decision making resource.  They allow our senior managers to efficiently take the daily pulse of the entire community college system.  With the ability to compare key metrics in real time vs. performance as of the same day last year, we can quickly see if there are areas that need attention and take action.”

-Dr. Ross Gittell – Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire

ccsnh-article-miniThe Community College System of New Hampshire is taking advantage of Data to Drive Decision Making.

Learn more about how they are using these key metrics in the Rapid Insight QuickStart Dashboards.

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QuickStart Dashboards for Community College Press Release

On-Demand Video: Community Colleges: Evidenced Based Decisions Making for Community Colleges 

In this video, Dr. Ross Gittell, Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire joins Rapid Insight CEO, Mike Laracy for a discussion on utilizing real time metrics for Community Colleges.  Through the use of Rapid Insight QuickStart dashboards, the Community College System of New Hampshire is keeping their institutions on track with real time reporting of key metrics including enrollment YTD compared to previous YTD, credit hours sold, program specific metrics and more.  The discussion is followed by a demonstration of the QuickStart dashboards and the Rapid Insight toolset.

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