Create Community College Student Success with Predictive Analytics

Community College Student SuccessThere are some unique challenges presented when it comes to community colleges and predictive analytics. Rapid Insight has created tools that allow these particular institutions to enhance their enrollment management, retention efforts and ultimately their student success. Implementing predictive modeling into your routine can lead to better insight into your potential and current students. Information such as this can influence how and with whom you conduct student outreach. By narrowing down at-risk students, your community college can better their student success strategies as well as enrollment numbers overall.

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Bunker Hill Community College: Achieving the Dream of Student Success with Predictive Analytics
Get a first hand account of how BHCC overcame their unique challenges. In this video learn how they are using predictive analytics to optimize their outreach and increase student success rates.


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Creating Success at Community Colleges with Predictive Analytics and Reporting
Learn how community colleges can take advantage of predictive analytics to help support their student success and retention. We will talk about the differences between 4 year and 2 year institutions for predictive modeling and reporting. This video includes a discussion of the information that community colleges do have that can be leveraged to better understand what is driving retention rates and ways in which you can act upon that information.


Community College Case Study

1024px-Bunker_Hill_Community_College_logo.svgTo learn more about Community Colleges and Predictive Analytics you can read the Bunker Hill Case Study to see their approach to creating a model and utilizing the results.


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*Source: American Association of Community Colleges