Data Science

At the core of Data Science is the ability to easily turn data into information. Our mission is to provide a simple means for users to work with data, identify relationships between variables, and quickly develop predictive models. Provide everyone within your organization the power of on-demand analysis and reporting.

DecileAnalysisQuickly build models without needing a team of programmers on staff
Rapid Insight predictive analytic and business intelligence software is designed to enable anyone to build predictive models. With no need for an extensive programming background, you can build models in a fraction of the time.

Gain insights faster with no Black Box
Confirm assumptions while bringing brand new insights to light. With Rapid Insight, you can build, refine and modify models in a short period of time. With the ability to visualize all the relationships that make up your model, you will gain complete confidence in your predictions.

Data Agnostic Software
Work with all of your data regardless of the source and format: databases, text files, spreadsheets, Hadoop and any other source. Utilizing visual workflows, integrate, aggregate, cleanse, and transform your data for predictive models, ad-hoc analyses and reports.

Create Repeatable Analytic Processes
veeraworkflowBuild an analytic process, save it and easily share it with others. Processes can be scheduled to run at specific times, recurring intervals, or on-demand.

Export to Multiple Formats
Output results to reports (pdf, html, Excel, Word), files, or write directly back to a database. Create your own dashboards or integrate directly with third party tools like Tableau, Qlik, iDashboards, and Advizor Solutions.