Taking an Analytic Approach to Fundraising and Prospect Research

donors-1It’s a tough time in the world of fundraising. You are being asked to become more efficient with fewer resources. The timing is just right to start thinking about taking a more data driven, analytic approach to fundraising. If used correctly your data can become one of your biggest assets. Optimize your fundraising by targeting the right prospective donors in your upcoming campaigns. Reduce your costs by limiting your mailings, phone calls and travel to where you know you will get the highest ROI. The Rapid Insight® Solution can have you analyzing your data and building predictive models within days.


Get the answers to the questions that matter the most

  • Major Giving – Which prospects are most likely to give a major gift?
  • Planned Giving – Who is most likely to respond to a planned giving campaign?
  • Giving Capacity – What is each prospect’s giving capacity?
  • Annual Fund – Which donors are most likely to respond to an annual fund solicitation?
  • Lapsed Donor – Which donors are most likely to re-engage if you solicit them?

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Rapid Insight Software – Making the Process Easier for You

  • Extract and cleanse your data for modeling and analysis. Get rid of duplicates, clean your data, create flag variables, calculate giving history, and set up your analytic file
  • Find relationships in your data automatically. At the click of a button, find the variables that are related to donor likelihood, giving capacity, major gift likelihood, or any other variable you are interested in
  • Quickly build predictive models. Rapid Insight makes it very easy to build predictive models in hours instead of weeks, without the need to be a statistician
  • Create reports and dashboards. With our visual, easy to use interface, Rapid Insight enables you to quickly create reports and management dashboards without having to write any code

Predictive Analytics in Fundraising – A Three Part Educational Webinar Series

Part 1: On Demand Video – Targeting the Right Donors: Taking an Analytics Approach to Fundraising

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In this video you can learn how how you can utilize predictive modeling to target the right prospects to meet your fundraising goals while staying within your budget. We utilize Rapid Insight software to demonstrate how to quickly build models to identify your best targets for annual fund mailings, major gift campaigns and much more.

Part 2: Optimizing Your Year-End Campaign with Predictive Analytics
September 27th 2:00 PM ET

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Non-profits know that the calendar year end is a critical time. Constraints on resources, coupled with pressure to perform, can make year-end a stressful time for any organization.
In this webinar, learn how you can use data to drive your decision-making to:
• Target the right donors
• Identify types of most effective outreach
• Determine optimal frequency
• Most effectively measure the results
The webinar will include a short presentation of Rapid Insight predictive analytics and data blending software.

Richard Horne, Director of Prospect Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Richard Horne, Director of Prospect Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Part 3: Empowering Fundraisers with the Power of Predictive Analytics

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In this webinar, Richard Horne, Director of Prospect Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), will share his experiences implementing predictive analytics at Yale University and his current work toward that goal with BIDMC, which he joined in May 2016 after 11 years at Yale.

Key points will include how to:
-Get started with applied analytics to support fundraising strategies big and small or broad and narrow
-Build strong relationships across the institution, and beyond the institution, to help ensure project success
-Select and present the best analytical insights to help empower your fundraising team