Predictive Analytics Platform for Healthcare

Changing the Way Healthcare Looks at Data

Healthcare has always been a predictive science. A patient is assessed and a treatment provider prescribes treatment and delivers a prognosis. Ironically, healthcare analytics has focused on retrospective data. It may provide useful information, but doesn’t help you identify future successes and risks. The time has come to start using data to look forward.


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dashboards-healthcareImproving the Patient Experience and Population Health While Controlling Costs

Predictive analytics tools from Rapid Insight allow our customers to analyze data to inform organization management and patient treatment protocol proactively… A list of at risk patients is produced in the morning and treatment can be modified that afternoon. A deteriorating clinical result for the patient is avoided as is the costly impact for the system of care. This truly improves the patient experience, enhances population health and helps control costs.

“The Rapid Insight software suite has allowed us to produce clinical and predictive models that are easy to understand and integrate with our existing systems. Their software and expertise, and the models that we are able to produce, affect positive change at DHMC.”
-Carlos Greene, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Easy to Use, Enabling Results

It seems futuristic and cost prohibitive to think that you could foresee patients who are at risk and take proactive steps to change the outcome. But Rapid Insight customers are proving that this is an attainable goal and are efficiently deploying predictive analytics to help address strategic patient care and regulatory challenges today.

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