At Rapid Insight, we truly understand the value of collaboration. Great achievements are realized through long term, mutually-beneficial partnerships, and we are proud to lock arms with great companies who share this perspective.

Why partner with Rapid Insight?

Handshake-500Align with a market leader. With industry-leading ratings in customer satisfaction, meeting business objectives and overall value, partnership with Rapid Insight gives you the opportunity to grow revenue, effectively solve data challenges and elevate your company.

Get unlimited training and support. Rapid Insight’s data blending and predictive analytics solutions are so intuitive and easy to use that we have no problem providing unlimited support and training for partners.

Make your product work better. Rapid Insight’s powerful, fast, self-service data prep and predictive modeling solutions save time and money. Our customers know we can make other data dependent products work better. This may be the key to expanding your product’s utilization.

Add functionality quickly and economically. Instead of protracted development cycles and creating support networks for new products, partner with Rapid Insight to offer data blending and predictive modeling solutions in your product line quickly and seamlessly.

Strengthen your user community. With our outstanding reputation for value and impactful solutions, Rapid Insight’s functionality will make your user community happy and help you improve references and sales.

Shorten your production timeline. Rapid Insight can help your team solve data problems and make data driven decisions quickly and easily, saving time and boosting productivity.

Let’s do great things together.


Institutional Partners
From education and philanthropy to research and business intelligence, Rapid Insight works with industry associations to provide members with data blending and predictive analytics solutions that inform decision-making.

Rapid Insight actively seeks and works with independent consultants and B2B companies across the country to offer its data blending and predictive analytics solutions, and grow their own businesses through commission and sales incentives.

Referral Partners
A Rapid Insight reseller relationship may not be right for you, but you may still have an interest in steering clients to our solution. Those companies that sign on as a referral partner will receive special rewards for their efforts.

Integration partners are technology innovators who customize and promote Rapid Insight products or fully integrate Rapid Insight’s technology into their own solutions. White Label partners utilize rebranded, customized versions of Rapid Insight products. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners integrate our data blending and predictive analytics technologies into a composite product, providing end customers with a seamless solution.

Featured Partners