Are You Sure That’s Correct?

During her presentation at APRA 2014, Cristi Hendry of Harvey Mudd College, made a statement to the effect of “Nobody wants to be handed a stack of scores for prospects, with little to no explanation of how they were created.”

areyousureIt really resonated with me as we all know that, if you can’t know the “why” behind your data and your results, it makes it very hard to have confidence in it. Without confidence, you can’t answer the questions others may have either. Cristi and her team at Harvey Mudd decided last year to make the big leap and bring their predictive modeling work in-house.  I saw a lot of head nodding during the presentation, telling me the challenges Harvey Mudd was facing are not unique.

A  lot of the inquiries I got from attendees related to either just starting out with predictive modeling, or lowering the costs of the predictive modeling that is being shipped out to third parties versus controlling it in-house.

I am excited to share that Cristi has offered to present the Harvey Mudd story again as an online webinar on August 14th.  Click here to get full details   Their story is one that resonates throughout Advancement and Development offices and I hope you can join us online. A big “Thank you” to Cristi and her teammate Ken Saita for offering to share their story.

Thank you to all the attendees for participating and taking the time to speak with me to learn more about Rapid Insight. Whether you are a current customer, an expert in predictive modeling, or maybe just starting out, I encourage you to contact us to learn more and even share ideas about successes and failures. APRA 2014 was a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people, and I look forward to seeing you all in New Orleans next year!

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.