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Creating Variables: Fiscal Year

                  For those of you whose fiscal year is different from the calendar year, having a Fiscal Year variable can be a huge timesaver, which is why we've chosen it as the next entry in our Creating Variables series. Filtering and sorting on this variable...

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Fundraising: The Science

Now that we’ve discussed the art of fundraising, I think it’s only right that we focus a little bit on the science. After all, knowing which prospects are statistically most likely to give makes a gift officer’s contribution to the art of fundraising that much more...

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Customer Tips From… Dan Wilson (Muskingum University)

Our next set of customer tips comes from Dan Wilson, Registrar at Muskingum University. Dan typically uses Veera Construct for repetitive and/or complex reports, including multi-year enrollment history by date, historical majors and minors (by year and department),...

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Fundraising: The Art

As much as my analytic brain would love to be able to classify the world into black and white binaries, sometimes this division is just not possible. Such is the case with fundraising. As important as prospect and donor research are, just knowing which prospects are...

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Veera’s Been Updated!

If you haven't already, be sure to download the newest version of Veera Construct, which was released this week. Updates include: 1. The ability to change the order of the jobs and other tabs To switch the order of jobs or other tabs you have open in Veera Construct,...

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The Forgotten Tabs: Profiling Analysis

  The final installment of the Forgotten Tabs Series is focused on the Profiling Analysis tab. The Profiling Analysis tab allows us to compare the two groups of a binary variable by generating an output of all of the variables in a dataset for which those two groups...

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The Forgotten Tabs: Correlation Analysis

  Next up in the ForgottenTabs series is the Correlation Analysis tab. The Correlation Analysis tab provides a correlation coefficient for any two variables in our dataset. To get these values, simply check the boxes next to the variables you’re interested in...

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"Job Security"

  I think it’s a universally acknowledged fact that most people don’t back up their files as often as they should. That said, I recently learned how to back up my files in Veera Construct, and it was painless. In fact, the whole process took less than a minute. If the...

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Introducing the Rapid Insight Collaborative Cloud

  With the new version 4.1 of Veera Construct comes the Rapid Insight Collaborative Cloud. The Collaborative Cloud allows Veera Construct users to share and collaborate on any analytic processes that they develop; these processes can be utilized, discussed, and...

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