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Happy Pi Day!

In honor of Pi Day we would like to supply you with some resources to get your 3.14 celebration on! In the U.S. we mark March 14th as national π day due to our use of the month/day date format and 3, 1 and 4 are the first significant digits of the constant π. While...

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Even a Little Data Will Do

I'm motivated by the little ways data can make a very human impact. We always champion predictive modeling as a way your data can help your students, but there are a lot of very helpful stops along the way to a full-blown predictive model. This is part 2 of our blog...

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How Important is a Proactive Approach to Student Success?

As an analyst at Rapid Insight, I regularly have the opportunity to hear back about the successes driven by proactive student success initiatives. Helping students succeed seems to come down to institutions' ability to detect the issues before they are too big to...

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What’s the deal with Clustering?

Information is very often stored either as a number on a spectrum or as a category. Predictive modeling benefits from both of these kinds of data. One neat, often under-used trick is using clusters to help your model capture behaviors even better. Simply put, imagine...

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But First, is the Data Any Good?

Garbage in, garbage out. Anyone who works with data is familiar with this phrase. If you start with messy, inconsistent data, you will generate inaccurate analyses. I recently had 2 different conversations with people about the quality of their data. They were looking...

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The Real Value of Powerball Tickets

There are two things you probably hear about the powerball: Woah! $1.5 billion! You're more likely to get bit by a hammerhead shark while driving on the highway during a sandstorm (or some other highly unlikely event). But this is actually kind of a fun event, because...

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Custom Window Treatments

Generally speaking, I have the opportunity to use Veera Predict more than most customers do. In working with it so frequently, I’ve picked up a few tendencies that make it a little more efficient, or at the very least, help the software match my needs faster. I wanted...

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What is the Financial Impact of Your Retention Efforts?

For those who work within the realm of student success, the quality of the student experience is key. That experience, with its many human elements, contributes towards critically measured metrics. In conversations around the office, we’ve been talking about how...

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