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10 Tips for Tackling Predictive Modeling in Enrollment

Over the years, we’ve helped many organizations bring predictive modeling in-house and have learned a lot along the way. Below is a “best of” list of ten tips that our customers helped us put together to make the modeling process – from idea through execution – go a...

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6 Reasons to Build Predictive Models for Student Success

It’s no secret that student success matters. Here are six reasons why our customers have turned to predictive modeling to help them sharpen their student success initiatives with data: 1) A college’s retention rate is a widely available metric that prospective...

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Enrollment Initiatives: Analysts Belong at that Table

There is a conceptual realm, and a technical one. Too often, people think these are distinct departments, with distinct conversations. Some of the best results we’ve seen, though, come from cases where the big-picture thinkers team up with the folks who dig into the...

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7 Data Cleanup Terms Explained Visually

During a recent data conference, a coworker and I started to realize that there was a bit of a language barrier between "data people" and "non-data people". For us, this was most apparent when we tried to describe data cleanup operations -- while there are technical...

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Ultraviolet Data

Ultraviolet light, when dispersed through a black light, allows us to see beyond the spectrum of the light we’re used to seeing. Ultraviolet data* works the same way – it is the data that your company is probably capturing but might not be apparent at first glance....

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7 Data Cleanup Terms Explained in Plain English

I spent a couple of days at the TDWI Conference in Boston last week and had a lot of great conversations with data analysts from all over the world. I realized while talking with many of them that, for those of us working with data all day long, there is a lot of...

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