The coolest thing about my job is that I get to play around with all sorts of data from all kinds of different places. Sometimes, it’s clear as day how things work, and sometimes, well, not so much. Since I joined Rapid Insight roughly two years ago, I’ve had to really rethink how I go about accomplishing data-related tasks. It was a hard adjustment after writing thousands upon thousands of lines of SQL code intermixed with random comments and post-it notes to move to the visual interface of Veera Construct.

In the beginning, I would create a simple Veera Construct job and then hurriedly go into Query Analyzer and try it there. Each and every time, the answers would match up. Then one day, I hit a snag trying to do some functions in SQL that I had done easily in Veera Construct. Somethings such as finding and resolving duplicate records seems easy enough, but doesn’t work that way. It’s easy enough to FIND the duplicates in SQL, but getting rid of them is another story entirely. That was the day I would say I found the ‘light’ and decided that I didn’t need the crutch of writing the code on the side and trusted wholeheartedly the results from Veera Construct. In fact, I found that *gasp* there were times I had some flaws in my SQL code and Veera Construct was correct.

Since that day, I have enjoyed helping others to see the ‘light’ and enjoy being able to create a visual interpretation of the journey to an output. So far, there hasn’t been an instance where we were unable to figure out a reporting issue or a funky way of creating a new variable or cleanse, which is very cool indeed.

Overall, being a recovering SQL girl is working out for me. 

-Didi Owen