BSU – Student Success

Is your student outreach targeting the right students?

Learn How Predictive Analytics Can Help You

Utilizing predictive analytics to identify at-risk or struggling students, Ball State University is tailoring retention efforts for each student. Retention rates have improved by over 6 points as they adjust their outreach strategies. BSU is experiencing the largest five-year increase in on-time graduation rates of any public higher education institution in the state of Indiana. With the aid of Rapid Insight predictive analytics, the university has retargeted their retention efforts and enhanced their student success strategies for better enrollment management overall.

Colleges and universities are under intense pressure to meet enrollment targets and to improve retention rates. Predictive analytics can play a crucial role in retention and enrollment efforts by guiding the decision making process leading to student success strategies. With enrollment modeling you can predict each applicant’s probability of enrolling, use the scores to focus your recruiting efforts, and to project class size and financial outlay. Student success and retention modeling predict each student’s probability of attrition, allowing you to encourage enhanced student success initiatives by providing support to the students who need it the most.


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