Customer Tips From… Dan Wilson (Muskingum University)

Our next set of customer tips comes from Dan Wilson, Registrar at Muskingum University. Dan typically uses Veera Construct for repetitive and/or complex reports, including multi-year enrollment history by date, historical majors and minors (by year and department), and IPEDS reporting. Here are his tips:

1. It is important to remember the merge characteristics (all from a, all from b, all from both, only matching, etc.) so the last thing I do in developing any report is to verify each of these.

2. While Veera Construct’s CrossTab feature is quite useful, I find it easier and more familiar to output my results to a target excel file, and then have another excel spreadsheet with my pivot table that has all of the formatting and other features set up. That way I can update the data file without overwriting my formatted “results” file. The same can be done with separate sheets in a file, but some of my reporting files pull data from different queries and Veera Construct reports. For those reports I can run data from several sources, then open up my main file and hit “refresh”.

3. For those instances when a transform looks like a computer program, I’ll break it into smaller bits and spread it out over several nodes. This allows me to test smaller chunks of the function at a time and locate any errant code prior to needing valium. (Editor’s note: using the de-bugger in the Transform node can also help to find errors quickly!)

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.