Customer Tips From… Dr. Loralyn Taylor (Paul Smith’s College)


Our new customer tips series will feature tips from customers on using either of our software applications. Each entry will focus on one customer’s ideas to make your lives easier.


We’re kicking things off with Dr. Loralyn Taylor, from Paul Smith’s College. Dr. Taylor is a one-woman IR office and Registrar and is constantly looking for ways to save time when creating reports and executing jobs. Here are her five tips: 

  1.  Take the time to rename your nodes so that you can easily follow your line of thought as you move through the job.
  2. Remember that there are multiple ways of doing things. The shortest is not always the best – to me it is often more important to be able to easily follow my thought on how I am working through the problem than to do it elegantly in the fewest number of nodes.
  3. Common problems to check for: data format incompatibility (just use a convert node), and sometimes a null is not actually a null (just because something looks blank doesn’t mean that it is).
  4. Remember that creating a job is like solving a puzzle; you have to think about it and play with it.
  5. I often have to run jobs many times to get them right. Helpful tip: Set up a test data output that you can move around to different parts of the job to see how your data is coming through at different points when you are troubleshooting.

…Have tips of your own? Email them to!

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.