Customer Tips From… Jeff Fleischer (Rapid Insight Inc.)

Okay, okay… Those of you who have worked with Jeff know that he isn’t really a customer. But, as the Director of Client Operations here at Rapid Insight and an analyst at heart, he is a wealth of information, so I’ve decided to share some of his tips. They are:

1. The Format Column node was retired a few releases back in favor of the Convert node. Using Convert, change the data type you wish to format to “text”, then select the desired style from the node’s Format column. PS: The Format Column node is still accessible – try going through the menu Node -> Add Report -> Format Data.
2. Merge nodes will forget their setup if you disconnect them from their inputs. Placing a Cache node just before the Merge will keep it from forgetting its configuration if you need to relocate or copy it.
3. Merge nodes also act as a rename. Just edit the text in the Output Column and use the black arrows on the menu bar to rearrange the column order. Bonus tip: select multiple columns before using the black arrows to re-position several at a time.
4. Use the menu option Edit -> Convert All Columns to Text to do just that.
5. Dropdown box controls often respond to single letter entries, avoiding actually having to pick from the dropdown list.
6. Select multiple fields using Ctrl-LMouse to Cleanse multiple fields by setting up a single rule/operation. Note that the fields all have to be of the same type (text, integer, date, etc.) for this to work.
7. Use the new “File Created Column” option in a Combine Inputs node to identify (with a Filter or Dedup) the most recent records coming from a location.

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.