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victoria weigold
marketing communications coordinator

A Recap of the 2017 Tableau Conference

The Rapid Insight team sharing their passion for data.

That’s a wrap!

As a Tableau partner, we were so lucky to celebrate data with everyone who attended the 2017 Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. TC17 was truly a coming together of data-driven people, and we are always so impressed by the sheer number of people fueled by a desire to make their data mean something. Every conversation we had with Tableau users was meaningful, and they all shared a common theme: the universal need for easier and more efficient data preparation.

In true Tableau fashion, this year’s conference was a fun and exciting way to “gather the tribe” and bring its software users together to share ideas, knowledge, and camaraderie. As a proud TC17 sponsor, we had a good time chatting with Tableau users and other sponsors, playing on data playgrounds, and listening to keynote speakers. The Tableau Conference is always such a spectacle of sight and sound. How about that “Iron Viz” competition? We loved it!

It is always uplifting to know that everyone at the conference has the same goal in mind; better use of their data. It’s even more uplifting to know that in the midst of all the cheer was Tableau’s ability to commemorate, respectfully, the prior week’s tragic events.

In wake of the tragic Las Vegas shootings, Tableau 2017 orchestrated a conference that was beautifully conscientious and supportive of the #vegasstrong movement. Woven into this annual gathering of like-minded data people was the opportunity for them to demonstrate their support for the people of Las Vegas. In addition, Tableau offered vendors the chance to participate in their #data17donates initiative, providing matching donations for those looking to support the families of the victims of the tragedy. Rapid Insight is proud to have played a role in this important campaign, which raised over $120,000 to support the victims.

Tableau and its sponsors raised $120,536!

Rapid Insight taking part in #data17donates.

Senior Analyst Jon MacMillan rocking his RI trucker hat and giving a demo.

We look forward to participating in next year’s Tableau Conference, way down south in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tableau users—we’ll see you there!

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