#DataTalks and Brown Bag Learning Sessions: Innovative Approaches to Information Delivery

A few months ago, a group of us here at Rapid Insight gathered to brainstorm on innovative ways to provide educational content and information to our customers. As we discussed it more, we thought we should shake things up a bit and add our own twist to the classic webinar. Webinars are still valuable learning opportunities, but we wanted to develop something that was different. In October, we rolled out two of the ideas that came out of those meetings- the #DataTalk and Brown Bag Learning Sessions


What is a #DataTalk? It’s a 30 minute online panel discussion. The panelists are both from our customer base and from related industries. They answer questions about a specific topic related to predictive analytics and data analysis. It’s all organized and moderated by a Rapid Insight host, and the sessions give the audience an opportunity to ask questions. One of things we think really makes these discussions unique is the mixture of video of the panelists as well as the dynamic, unscripted format. This is something that we really could not have done years ago. Sure, we could have had an audio-only panel discussion but we do think that the added value of video to see the panelists adds a great deal of value and interest to the #DataTalk series.

The first panel discussion was last week and we are really excited with how it went. The panelists were very informative and reinforced to us the value of this dynamic format. The second one will be coming up in November. You can check out an On-Demand Video of October’s or sign up for November’s on our website at the #DataTalk page.


The Brown Bag Learning Series was also meant to be a new twist on information delivery. The idea here was to create an educational resource where people could take in advanced analytic concepts in bite size chunks. We decided to develop a series of very short and focused single topic presentations, which we have given the brown Bag moniker to. The first one takes place on October 15th and the topic that will be covered is R-Squared. The second one is on Multicollinearity. You can check out the whole Brown Bag schedule at the Brown Bag page on our website.

We hope you enjoy both of these two new learning opportunities and also get a chance participate in the exchange of ideas they generate. If you have ideas for future Brown Bag or #DataTalk sessions, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Decentralize analytics.
Harness the power of many.

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.