Data-driven colleges and universities use Veera to help achieve their enrollment goals. You can, too.

Meet Your Higher Ed Enrollment Goals

Predict the likelihood of each applicant enrolling to optimize your admissions outreach. Focus the right effort on the right students; shape incoming class.

Forecast Headcount and Financial Aid Outlay

Inform financial decision-making and reach revenue goals using higher ed predictive analytics to accurately forecast incoming class size and financial aid.

See How You Compare to Competitors

Where do applicants go if they don’t enroll with you? Use higher ed enrollment analytics to learn how you stack up against competitors.


A comprehensive package that delivers results in just days
  • One year license of Veera Construct.
  • One year license of Veera Predict.
  • Enrollment Modeling QuickStart Template.
  • Competitive Enrollment Analytics QuickStart Template.
  • Free and unlimited training, support and guidance from expert analysts.
Software, templates, expert support, all for just $20,000
  • This special offer expires at 5 PM ET on Friday, November 30, 2018.
  • Additional discounts are available for three-year subscription.
  • QuickStart templates are built for most major student information systems.
  • Annual renewal rate begins at $8,000
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This package provides you with all the tools and the expert support needed to jump start your analytic efforts quickly. We’ll help you incorporate that work into a repeatable process that will have a lasting positive impact on your institution.

Package Benefits

  • Get up and running quickly with a high degree of confidence
  • Expert deployment and model development assistance from Rapid Insight analysts
  • Grow your internal analytic capabilities while decreasing dependence on external consultants


Enrollment Package Users


With Veera Construct, you can connect to disparate sources of data such as SIS, LMS, CRM and swipe card systems, and blend, cleanse and prepare that data for analysis. Veera Construct’s easy, code-free visual workspace makes it easy to build repeatable data prep and reporting processes, building efficiency and broadening your impact.

Veera Predict provides analysts with the power of one-click predictive modeling, enabling quick iteration and speedy results. Fully transparent so it’s ethically sound, Veera Predict automines your data and builds a robust predictive model, offering analysts a lens into the entire process. With Veera Predict, there’s no “black box.” Results are understandable and your work is defendable.

An immense, plug-and-play time-saver, go from zero to first-pass model results in a matter of hours (instead of weeks or months) with QuickStart Templates for Veera Construct. QuickStarts are built for most major student information systems, map to the appropriate tables and data sources within your structure, and perform a carefully designed set of data prep tasks to deliver results quickly.

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Reach Your Enrollment Goals with Veera

Data-driven colleges and universities use Veera to help reach their enrollment goals.
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