How Important is a Proactive Approach to Student Success?

IMG_1584As an analyst at Rapid Insight, I regularly have the opportunity to hear back about the successes driven by proactive student success initiatives. Helping students succeed seems to come down to institutions’ ability to detect the issues before they are too big to solve. Although it is absolutely an undertaking, on some level, “it’s that simple.”

Note: this is part 1 of a 2 part blog series on Approaches to Student Success.

Higher Ed Insights Survey

There are several ways to solve most problems though, and in the realm of student success, a hot topic is tuition. A lower fee might make college an easier choice to commit to. It definitely makes it more accessible, but the important question is “Does it make the student more likely to succeed?” I was just reading the press release on Ithaka S+R’s survey, Higher Ed Insights, and I was rather pleased to see that their findings corroborate our experience that the most critical element of student success (at least, beyond tuition subsidies) are proactive advising systems. You can read the press release, or the full report.

I’m excited about all of the effort that is going into the system of higher education. What excites me most, though, is seeing that the very thing we try to help customers achieve is one of the very things driving student success. In our next blog, I’ll be talking about how some universities are taking a hybrid approach, combining financial incentives with the guiding philosophy of proactive counseling. Keep an eye out!

If you’d like to see one example of how a Rapid Insight customer is proactively addressing student success, check out what Ball State University is doing.