Making 80% of Your Work 100% Better


I recently read an article online that cited a survey where data scientists responded that they spend 80% of their time preparing and managing data for analysis. The vast majority of those polled also said this was the least enjoyable aspect of their work. This survey was congruent with the customer conversations we have here at Rapid Insight. It isn’t always easy to merge datasets, transform elements, weed out bad information and stage data required of predictive modeling and visualization tools. And… the process can take weeks and months with traditional tools.


What we also hear in customer conversations is that Rapid Insight’s Veera Construct makes this much process much easier and faster. And when you’re talking about 80% of your time and your least favorite tasks… well, that’s a big deal. We call Veera Construct a data blending tool but it’s really much more. With Veera Construct, our customers are not only bringing disparate datasets together, they are efficiently attacking the arduous tasks related to preparing the data for analysis. The ability to build jobs and subroutines efficiently in Veera Construct saves the data scientist from hours of work and lines and lines of code by using a visual, drag and drop approach. And while the process is easy and fast, Veera Construct is a full powered software tool that helps people do tough jobs better including completing data connections, transformations, intermediary calculations and exports as well creating reusable processes and scheduled outputs.

Jeffrey Collis, Data Manager at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro recently summed it up well… “Veera Construct makes life easy.”

On August 11th, we’re hosting a webinar on how Veera Construct can make that 80% 100% better.  Be sure and check it out.

-Joe Viger