Custom Window Treatments

Generally speaking, I have the opportunity to use Veera Predict more than most customers do. In working with it so frequently, I’ve picked up a few tendencies that make it a little more efficient, or at the very least, help the software match my needs faster. I wanted to share a bit about Veera Predict, and I hope it makes your use a little more efficient as well.

Veera Predict has a pane-oriented layout, which is awesome, because you can shift those panes around to suit your preferences. Do you like to heavily modify your charts and graphs to get just the right look and feel? Dock the visualization options pane! You’ll have those options at your fingertips. Need a wider sidebar to fit your variable names in? Set it at just the right width. A lot of times, changes like these make your life a little easier.

Personally, I have a strong preference within the model tab. This is one change that I think doesn’t just improve the convenience, I think it genuinely helps me make connections between my data and my situation. Specifically, I’m referring to docking my diagnostics pane (“Final Regression Model”) on the right side of the window.

It probably seems silly, but I’ll explain why I like it so much:

  1. I’m a nerd.
  2. Look at the way the new window flows:

Veera Predict Layout

A: You’ve just built your model. You’ve taken a look at the list of variables, and with the new layout, you’ve got a list of your memorized models, and your diagnostics

B: (as in “Boom! There it is.”) displayed immediately to the right. As you bounce between memorized models, or as you re-run your model, you scan directly over to your diagnostics. The verticality even helps you to see more of your model details without scrolling through the window. Your coefficients and your measures of validity are in the same view. Speaking of views,

C: Because your visualization pane is no longer sharing the same row as your diagnostics, you can see larger graphs of the relationships in your data, or your decile chart, or whatever you needed to visualize.

Now, not everybody would agree. That’s what’s cool though- you can make your layout fit your needs like I have with mine (but you should check mine out for yourself).

In order to tell me how cool this is, or to recommend a new hobby for me, leave your comments. Have you played around with the layout in your copy? What helps you work through your data in Veera Predict?

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.