In Person Social Media: The #EMChat Meetup at NCAIR

Hopefully, you like what you do for a living. And whatever it is you do, there are others who enjoy it too.  Fortunately, higher education and data science communities both have strong ties, so there are plenty of digital networks to get involved in. Not too long ago, I discovered an online community of Enrollment Management (EM) professionals on Twitter called EMChat.  Every Thursday at 9 PM, we all use the hashtag #EMChat to discuss issues pertaining to enrollment management (and sometimes our favorite musicals and beers too).

No matter what your passion, networking online is so easy.  It’s virtually guaranteed you can find a website or a forum for likeminded people. A lot of the time though, you will never meet the people that you shared ideas with online. Then I heard about some informal Meetups that EMChat members had done in cities and conferences and I thought, how cool that would be to organize one and meet some other members in person.


Jeffrey Collis, UNCG and Alison Joseph, Western Carolina State University at the Meetup.


So recently, while I was at NCAIR’s 2017 conference, I reached out to the EMChat community to see who might be attending (and I think we even recruited a few new ones!). What followed was a great reminder of how meaningful our work can be, and how genuinely cool it can be to make a real connection with a peer who’s motivated by the same things you are.


The #EMChat Meetup in Durham


What forums or networks do you stay in touch with? How do you make the most out of your conferences? Our work is important, and making connections with others like ourselves is a great way to stay inspired and challenged. I’d love to find out about more groups, linkedin, twitter, listserv, or otherwise.

About EMChat: EMChat is an open community, and you can check them out here. As a former IR Analyst at Dickinson College, I love the community- and it helps me stay in touch with my roots to apply in my current job at Rapid Insight as well!

James Cousins
Senior Statistical Analyst
Rapid Insight