A University Business Web Seminar

tristan-deveney-clarkWhen the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Clark University in Massachusetts experienced an 87 percent increase in application volume between 2012 and 2015, administrators recognized that they needed to overhaul their yield forecasting and admitted student engagement efforts. They knew that personalization would be key to achieving their enrollment goals, but it would only be possible in the context of such an enlarged applicant pool if they could effectively target the right students.

Watch this video to learn how admissions leaders at Clark brought their predictive modeling efforts in-house to give their staff more timely, actionable insights and personalize their student outreach efforts, and how to use predictive modeling to improve yield forecasting and admissions processes at any institution


Tristan Deveney
Associate Director of Admissions
Clark University

Jon MacMillan
Senior Data Analyst
Rapid Insight Inc.