Rapid Insight Adds Predictive Analytic QuickStart Solutions for PeopleSoft in Higher Education

Solution Accelerates Predictive Modeling Development Process For Student Retention and Enrollment Modeling

oracle-peoplesoftRapid Insight Inc., the leading provider of easy to use predictive analytics and data blending software, today announced the launch of another QuickStart predictive modeling solution. The newest template is designed to streamline the process for colleges and universities using PeopleSoft who are looking to utilize predictive modeling to address student enrollment and retention issues.
The QuickStart solutions enable colleges and universities to quickly build and deploy predictive models for enrollment management and student retention. Using the information provided by these models, schools can put programs in place to assist high risk students and increase student success as well as better forecast their enrollment numbers.

Rapid Insight is committed to developing solutions that bring the value of predictive modeling to customers more quickly and efficiently.

“Our QuickStart templates provide predictive modeling solutions that require a minimal investment of time and resources,” noted Paul Kirsch, Marketing Manager for Rapid Insight. “A lot of institutions want to take advantage of predictive modeling but the process to develop and deploy models can be time intensive and costly. The templates are a proven approach that shortens the process down to only a few hours.”

This is the third QuickStart series launched by Rapid Insight. The company has previously released QuickStart solutions for Banner student information systems.

Learn more about the Rapid insight QuickStart templates

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.