Community Colleges need to remain competitive and properly react to the needs of their students. The efforts to compile and report on the necessary metrics can often be time consuming and involve a lot of manual effort.

Rapid Insight recently worked with the Community College System of New Hampshire to help them develop a set of dashboards that would allow them to focus on important day to day metrics. Things such as:

  • How many students are registered relative to the same day last year?
  • How many credits were sold as of today vs. the same day last year?

The data is delivered through an internal website and the process automatically updates the dashboards every day. To make sure they reach all of the key stakeholders within the community college system, reports are also delivered automatically each morning to the college presidents and upper management.

“The Rapid Insight Dashboards are an invaluable, real time, decision making resource.  They allow our senior managers to efficiently take the daily pulse of the entire community college system.  With the ability to compare key metrics in real time vs. performance as of the same day last year, we can quickly see if there are areas that need attention and take action.” – Dr. Ross Gittell – Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire

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