Rapid Insight Hosts Sixth Annual Predictive Analytics Conference

Customers From Around the Country Gather at Brown University to Exchange Ideas on Predictive Modeling and Veera Predict

ri2014-logoRapid Insight Inc., the leading provider of easy to use predictive analytics and data intelligence software, is hosting its 6th Annual Conference on June 22nd-24th on the Campus of Brown University.

The conference includes customer-led sessions on the use of Rapid Insight tools for predictive modeling and reporting tasks built around higher education enrollment management, financial aid outlay, IPEDS reporting, student success, and more. New this year there is also a Rapid Insight University day, with opportunities for education on Rapid Insight software and concepts around predictive modeling and analytics. The presenters come from a variety of institutions from across the country, including Johns Hopkins University, Johnson and Wales University, Rowan University, Brown University and Dickinson College.

The conference will have two keynote speakers: Dr. Ross Gittell, Chancellor of the Community College System of New Hampshire, and Elizabeth Crabtree, Assistant VP for Strategy and Resource Development at Brown University. Both will be speaking on the use of data to drive more effective decision making.

“Data driven decision making continues to be a focus for both higher education and other institutions. The Rapid Insight Conference is always a great opportunity for the exchange of ideas on the use of predicting analytics and data analysis,” noted Paul Kirsch, Marketing Manager for Rapid Insight. “It’s not only an opportunity for our customers, but it’s a great chance for the Rapid Insight team to learn from our customers as well.”

This year’s gathering includes 100+ attendees from institutions including large universities, private colleges, community colleges and law schools as well as museums and other non-profits. To learn more about the conference and Rapid Insight, visit www.rapidinsightinc.com/ri2014

About Rapid Insight Inc.
Rapid Insight Inc. is a leading provider of predictive analytics software and solutions that provides organizations with the ability to make data-driven decisions. Focusing on speed, efficiency, and usability, Rapid Insight products enable users of any skill level to quickly turn their raw data into actionable information. The company’s analytic software platform simplifies the extraction, analysis, reporting, and modeling of data for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit: https://www.rapidinsightinc.com.


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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.