Rapid Insight Presents “A Day in the Life” Training Video Series

A new training video series that shows just how easy it is to cleanse and prep data with the Veera Platform.

CONWAY, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Rapid Insight has announced the creation of a new training video series. “A Day in the Life” is a new way to learn how to work with the easy and affordable tools that make up the Veera platform.  Each series of training videos will cover a different industry and will solve a typical problem in the field. This training series provides yet another approach to Rapid Insight’s unparalleled customer support.

James Cousins, a Senior Analyst at Rapid Insight, created the first series of videos which focus on a day in the life of working in higher education, and more specifically, enrollment management. “I’m personally very excited about releasing the new series. We’re hoping it’s the start of a whole new resource library for our customers and for those curious about our platform.”

The video segments are short, about six minutes each. They break down each step in the process of blending, cleansing and working with data and building jobs within Veera Construct, Rapid Insight’s data prep and reporting software. Each video is marked accordingly in order to jump from one instance to another, or viewers are free to watch the series from beginning to end.

While the series captures a day in the life of someone working in enrollment management at a college or university, the lessons apply to virtually any business. Analysts of any kind will benefit from this series, as the challenges of working with data are universal. Additional “day in the life” video series, covering a number of other business scenarios will be developed and released over the coming weeks.

Check out the Enrollment Management Training Video Series.

Rapid Insight is an analytics solutions company driven by the goal of making data, along with the knowledge locked within data, more accessible to everyone. Focusing on speed, efficiency, and ease of use, Rapid Insight’s products empower users of any skill level to quickly turn raw data into actionable information. The company’s analytic platform simplifies the extraction, analysis, reporting, and modeling of data for clients across multiple industries. For more information, visit www.rapidinsight.com.

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