Human Resources

Human Resources

Predictive analytics can help you retain your best employees, support recruitment efforts, and make the necessary plans regarding potential employee churn. Predict and understand WHO is going to leave before they leave. Better understand WHY employees are leaving. Most importantly, analyze WHEN an employee is about to leave.

Forecast your voluntary turnover headcount for the next month, the next quarter, or the next year. It’s all in your data. The Rapid Insight Analytic Platform can help you to extract the useful information from your data and use it to make predictions.

Watch the below video to see Human Resources Predictive Analytics in Action.


Rapid Insight Software – Making the Process Easier for You

  • Extract and cleanse your data for modeling and analysis. Get rid of duplicates, clean your data, create flag variables, calculate employee turnover, and set up your analytic file
  • Find relationships in your data automatically. At the click of a button, find the variables that are related to employee turnover or any other variable you are interested in.
  • Quickly build predictive models. Rapid Insight makes it very easy to build predictive models in hours instead of weeks, without the need to be a statistician
  • Create reports and dashboards. With our visual, easy to use interface, Rapid Insight enables you to quickly create reports and management dashboards without having to write any code