Rapid Insight QuickStart for PeopleSoft


Each focuses on different parts of the Student Relationship Lifecycle. The templates bypass the need to navigate through all of the data in your student information system, enabling users to develop models in days, as opposed to months or years.

Enrollment Modeling

The Enrollment Modeling QuickStart links directly to multiple PeopleSoft tables to produce a comprehensive analytic dataset for building applicant enrollment models. Quickly build predictive models in Rapid Insight and score new sets of applicants.

Use these applicant enrollment models to:

  • Predict each applicant’s probability of enrolling
  • Project headcount and financial aid outlay
  • Help shape your incoming class
  • Improve student enrollment management

Student Retention

The Student Retention QuickStart predictive modeling solution predicts retention probabilities for students from their freshmen year and beyond. Traditional retention models often focus solely on freshmen retention, but now institutions can focus on at-risk students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

  • Predict each student’s probability of attrition.
  • Identify trends and profiles of students who transfer or drop out.
  • Determine overall expected enrollment for next year based on this year’s class.
  • Increase student success

Competitive Enrollment Analytics

Each year, colleges and universities lose a large percentage of their applicants to competitor schools. Whereas many schools have been analyzing the patterns and trends of students who enroll with them, few have been analyzing the patterns and trends of the applicants who are choosing to enroll elsewhere. This QuickStart solution blends a school’s historical applicant data with data from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) and produces a series of analyses on the admitted applicants that are choosing competitor schools.

Some examples of the types of questions an institution can answer with this QuickStart:

  • Who are an institution’s top competitor schools?
  • How many admitted applicants are being lost to each competitor?
  • How many applicants are choosing out of state schools vs. in-state?
  • Which schools are applicants being lost to within each program or major?
  • Are applicants being lost to other 4 year schools, or to 2 year schools?
  • What is the profile of applicants by school chosen (avg. SAT/ACT, High School GPA, etc…)?
  • What is the probability for each current applicant that they will choose a competitor?

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