Thoughts from a Registrar

Dan Wilson, Registrar at Muskingum University, recently talked with us  about some of the reports he’s been working on, how he’s using Veera Construct, and his upcoming webinar.
CG – What types of reports are usually on your plate?

DW – Some of the reports I’ll be talking about in the webinar include:

  • historical registrations by date,
  • historical majors by semester,
  • number of students still needing to take specific general education courses,
  • graduation persistence by major,
  • retention rates by various factors, and
  • DWF (drop/withdraw/fail) rates by course.
I have one report for each of these and I make minor adjustments to it each time a new question is asked.

CG – How has Veera Construct helped with your reporting?

DW – It’s helped me develop complex reports that would have taken me 4-6 hours each to get all the data, build, and run. Now I pull up a report and run it in about a minute. It’s especially useful for complicated and repetitious reports.

All of the reports I’ve mentioned have been automated in Veera Construct. Everything that I can, I automate. I anticipate that people might be asking for DWF rate for the first year students, or by division, or by course, or by phase of the moon. Veera Construct is good at pulling that data together and allowing me to tweak it and make adjustments as needed. I usually choose to work with Veera Construct when I think I’ll see a lot of revisions, need to do some digging around, or can see similar questions being framed differently.

The year-over-year registrations by date report was one of the first I created using Veera Construct. It’s proven to be one of the most valuable to our administration in helping improve our retention rates. It literally takes two minutes to run – it actually takes longer to download the data file than it does to run the report in Veera Construct.

CG – What do you hope attendees will take away from your webinar?

DW – I hope each person will find something that is a spark moment for them. Some people need exposure to Veera Construct and to see what it can do. For users, I’m hoping to spark a brainstorm on how and why to use Veera Construct – as the way to achieve what they need faster and easier.

CG- Anything else you’d like to add?

DW – Anyone who knows what a small college registrar does will understand that I wear many, many hats. Though I’m not an institutional researcher, some of the work that I do is borderline IR. Typically I’m asked a question and need to get someone the answer quickly. That’s what I use Veera Construct for the most.

For more information or to register for Dan’s upcoming webinar, Digging Deep into Data: How a Small University’s Registrar Develops Complex and Repeatable Mission-Critical reports, click here.

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Decentralize analytics. Harness the power of many.