Three Universities in Wisconsin Select Rapid Insight for Predictive Analytics

Predictive Modeling Technology to Support Retention and Enrollment Management Efforts

Rapid Insight Inc., the leading provider of easy to use predictive analytics and data intelligence software, today announced that University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Superior and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater have selected the Rapid Insight product suite to aid them in their student retention and enrollment management efforts. The three schools join the growing Rapid Insight customer base in Wisconsin and across the country.

Student retention models enable colleges and universities to identify at-risk students and to make decisions and predictions about what types of programs and interventions can be used to help aid in student success. Enrollment models enable colleges and universities to assign an enrollment probability score to each applicant and to make decisions and predictions about the incoming class based on the admitted applicant pool.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater established a new Institutional Research and Planning department in the summer of 2013, with one of their main areas of focus being to support the student success efforts with accurate data and replicable processes. UW-Whitewater looked to Rapid Insight products to assemble and process their data and to build predictive models through repeatable and transparent processes.

“Our student retention numbers have been very good in recent years. Rather than wait for a downward trend, we wanted to take a proactive approach and look at ways to continue to help keep students on the path to success. This allows us to validate what we are doing and help us identify what processes are truly successful,” noted Lynsey Schwabrow, Director of Institutional Research and Planning at UW-Whitewater. “The ability to create effective retention strategies on campus requires an increasingly sophisticated and fluid method of combining data which reside in multiple disparate systems and file formats. The way Rapid Insight automates the building of predictive models is ideal for use on campus since advanced statistical programming is not needed.”

The capabilities of Rapid Insight will allow a larger audience to benefit from the model results including committees and additional staff from both academic and nonacademic offices on an ongoing basis. Wisconsin-Madison and Wisconsin-Superior who also purchased the Rapid Insight product suite are focused on how they can use the tools to support their enrollment management efforts. All three schools are part of the University of Wisconsin System, made up of 26 campuses serving over 180,000 students.

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