Top Minds in Data Science and Predictive Analytics Gather on MIT Campus

Rapid Insight annual conference attended by representatives from over 50 of the nation’s leading colleges and universities.

Cambridge, MA, Conway, NH, June 25, 2015 – Rapid Insight Inc., the leading provider of predictive analytics and data blending software, today announced the highlights of their annual user conference which concluded this week.  Presentations were given on predictive modeling, data blending, and automated data analyses.

“I’ve attended this conference for the past five years and I consider it to be one of the most useful conferences for sharing ideas on big data, predictive analytics, and data analysis”, said Dr. Michael Johnson, from Dickinson College.  “It’s always amazing to see what my peers are doing in this space”.

Some of the conference highlights:

  • Dr. Bryan Terry from UNCG presented on utilizing predictive analytics in a four year retention strategy
  • Dr. Robert Massa from Drew University presented on how to get buy-in for predictive analytic projects from organizational leadership.
  • Meagan Senesac from Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis presented on the use of predictive modeling for college registrars.
  • John Keyser from Stetson School of Law presented on ways to understand how institutional rankings are created.
  • Dr. Michael Johnson from Dickinson College presented on utilizing means analysis to test predictive models.
  • Mike Cook from Michigan State University presented on how a Big Ten school is taking advantage of data and building trust in enrollment management.
  • Johnny Lail from Western Carolina University presented on ways to automate reporting and analysis.
  • Kevin Robinowich from Saint Mary’s University of San Antonio School of Law presented on ways to create individualized data requests for law students using Rapid Insight Veera Construct.
  • Daniel Grazynski from Fairfield University presented on how to use Veera Construct and Excel to provide on demand reporting solutions with big data.
  • Dr. Jere Turner from Manchester Community College presented on how to teach Applied Data Veera Predict at the Associate Degree level.
  • Dr. Teresa Wonnell from Johns Hopkins University presented on optimal ways to analyze survey data.
  • Scott Alessandro and Dan Gormley from the MIT Sloan School showed how they use Rapid Insight Veera Construct to focus on student completion of curriculum and how to more easily rethink your curriculum.
  • Rapid Insight provided an overview of their recent release of Veera Predict 3.0, and announced a formalized program for providing free predictive analytics and data preparation software for students and professors.

Next year’s Rapid Insight Conference will take place on June 26 – 28, 2016.

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