Rapid Insight staff introduce kids to data analytics

How do you introduce young students to the world of data science? Make it a game, of course! Students at local elementary school opened the door to the world of data. Rapid Insight Statistical Analyst Caitlin Garrett spent a Job Hop day there where she talked about the world of a data scientist.

Caitlin devised a game with other analysts at Rapid Insight to have the kids become data scientists. The game they created was a variation of a Family Feud board that involved an initial data-mining phase to glean the characteristics of a werewolf. Then, by summarizing the top ten characteristics, the kids took turns “predicting” what was on the board. Caitlin shared, “We took an adult job and made it doable for their age group, and it was gratifying to see that they liked the type of thinking we were trying to teach.”

As many of them were in baseball/softball season, they were particularly interested in the world of prediction from a baseball statistics perspective. This helped the students see and relate to the world through data.

Exposing kids to the world of data science could pay dividends by the time they enter the job market: “Personally, when I was growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something with math, but I had no idea what was out there. I think it’s important to help kids understand that there are so many different jobs and opportunities where they can apply that kind of thinking”, observed Caitlin.

See more on Caitlin’s thoughts on her day at Job Hop on her blog.

About Caitlin Garrett

Caitlin has loved math since she could count. She pursued this love through algebra, calculus, and advanced analysis all the way to a degree in Statistics from Loyola University of Chicago in 2010, where she also earned a degree in English. (After all, what good is a background in statistics if you can’t explain what you’ve learned?) After graduating she moved back to the Mount Washington Valley and has enjoyed life here since. She joined the Rapid Insight analytic team in 2011 and is excited to combine her statistical knowledge with the Rapid Insight Software to further the company’s success.




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